About Me……

My name is Nkem Ehidom.  I’m a single mother to 3 wonderful boys. This is my 1st post here on WordPress and I decided to write about myself and the reason why I love to write.

I guess it’s always been inside of me to write but never really manifested until the year 2009 when I lost my husband.  It’s an outlet for me to express myself, to be myself, to let go of all the anger, pain, hurt, sadness, depression and loneliness that I feel deep down because I don’t get to do that out here in the real world.

I know you’d ask why and the truth is I feel like I owe it to my kids and family to be strong. I don’t want them to see me break down especially my kids. I’m all they’ve got and they rely on me to be strong, focused and also to be there for them.

Truth be told, I’m only human and there’s so much one can take without breaking down. I’ve been through a lot since my husband passed away but the experience of all that I’ve been through has gone on to impact both positive and negative knowledge of things that I was never aware of and how to deal with the challenges that life keeps throwing at me. I can’t say that I have the solution for every puzzle but at least I can prepare myself for the worst case scenario and be able to see the pros and cons of the situation.

Writing itself, is very relaxing and keeps me focused. I used to post my piece on Facebook but my brother adviced me to come to WordPress and take advantage of this platform to master the craft of writing.

I do say it’s the best advice I’ve gotten so far because there’s so much to learn from others out there.

I say I’m ready to take this journey and push my writing to the next level.  Also,  looking forward to new experiences with other writers too.

I say thank you to future friends and let the journey to writing begin…….


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