Confused Mind!!!

Placeholder ImageSome days can really be so frustrating, this hot, sunny Tuesday is one of those days!

I mean, like I don’t already have enough on my plate, I just can’t figure out what kind of talent I have.  I see people with such amazing talents in different fields of life and I ask myself, what is yours? Even my kids have talents(thank God) and I’m racking my brain and trying to figure out mine.

It’s like there’s this void in me that needs to be filled but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m so confused right now and it’s messing with my state of mind.  I wonder if some of us were created without talents? If so, how are we expected to contribute positively to our society and touch the lives of others?

I know I have a purpose but that I can’t define right now or even ascertain what it is.  I was trying to make sense of it all when I took to writing it all out as a way of expressing my inner turmoil.  Well, I feel a bit relieved for having shared this troubling thoughts with you.

Errmmm,  I do need to know if anyone is having same thoughts or have had it and how they solved the problem?

Or could it be that I’m alone in this talent search?  Food for thought……


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